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Coffee Grounds News: Recycling in Minnesota

We need more good news going around, so your trusted coffee grounds website editor is here to deliver. A commercial organics waste processing facility in Minnesota is doing fine work within the circular economy.

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Organics Recycling Facility can’t keep up with the demand to processes organic waste from city curbside collection programs. They describe the end product as:

After 70 day all those banana peels, coffee grounds and apple cores will be rich, black compost — ready to spread on lawns, gardens, athletic fields and golf courses.

clean fresh earth from soil

Even better, their fertiliser is available for resale! Which goes to show that there are ways to make use of these mountains of waste, and a little profit incentive seems to be a great way of solving it. Enjoy the read and stay safe 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds News: Recycling in Minnesota

  1. Hi Shane,

    We have moved away from coffee pods for a while now.

    Love our new machine and most of the grounds go to my Hop plants for my home brewing. So much nutrients for these plants.

    Enjoy your posts, keep them going.


    David Harrison


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