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Find a way to drink good Coffee during COVID!

Chadstone Melbourne during Covid pandemic

When things feel like they are falling apart, familiar habits seem to provide extra comfort. For us in the best city in Straya – Melbourne, we have the coffee. Beautifully rich and flavorful coffee.

What could be more frightful for an old man (other than a pandemic, or re-learning to use block editor on his superannuated blog on Firefox, without spell check working somehow), than be left without things that provide some measure of joy and reassurance that everything is going to be ok. So what did I find on my coffee jaunt?

Melbourne is a city with beauty found both in nature, and in steel and glass

Public transport has taken a bit of a hit. Spaces bursting with human activity mostly ceased. First Chinatown in Janurary, and eveywhere else by April. So accustomed had we become to faces and movement – noisy chatter into cellphones, deft sidestepps and swerves to avoid people in their masses sharing narrow footpaths. The absence of people in these large city spaces doesn’t leave a human echo like I thought it would. Surrounded by the large trees and grassy expanse of Treasury Gardens on a Winter’s afternoon, it may as well have been a world built for two.

Here it is! Find something that you love to do, and trust that everything will be ok 🙂

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