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Photos Like Tulips

They just love to fill up the frame. Amazing colours of Spring. These were taken at the most recent Tesselaar Tulip Festival up near the Dandenong Ranges, outside of Melbourne.

It is a weird sort of place, this Tulip farm. They charge around $30 Australian dollars to walk around rows of flowers, then get you for Dutch themed food and drinks. It’s all theme park prices. Plus lots of tourists, lots and lots of tourists. But those flowers….

Now silly me, not wearing a hat and all on a hot sunny day, and then downing some overpriced ‘Dutch’ fish meal, comprising of frozen seafood. Was it a surprise that a couple of hours later I was throwing up on the side of the road? Yeah maybe a little surprising. It wasn’t so bad anyway, almost as painless as learning how to blog with these new WordPress blocks! Maybe I should have consulted a web design expert before trying to figure all this out myself. Just an old gardener trying to turn a tunip 🙂

A Genziuk at tulip festival

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