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African Penguins are Grounded!

Not only can you hear the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the shores of the Cape Point Nature Reserve; there are some soothing sounds from appreciative humans.

Play it on a loop to ensure a deep and restful sleep!

Now some interesting facts about African Penguins 😀

  • These penguins are also known colloquially as the Jackass due to their donkey like call
  • African penguins are categorised as an Endangered Species because human encroachment on their habitats and by beating them to fish stocks
  • If they were 2 meters taller, they would eat us. But tickets to see them would be much lower, so you know – glass half full
  • African penguins are not as cute as the Little Penguins that live in St Kilda, Australia. True, ask anyone from Australia but not South Africa
  • Conservationists are trying to save them and you can learn more about what they are trying and how you can help on the video here

If they could fly away to somewhere safer, where do you think they’d go?

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