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Fun Fact Friday – The apple of my eye

Happy Friday everyone,

Apples! Who doesn’t love apples? Well, I’ve met people that don’t like apples but let’s pretend for the sake of these fun facts that you can’t live without them.

Apples on a tree

Did you know?

  • The most popular apple in Australia at the moment is Pink Lady – two thirds of our households purchase them regularly. Royal Gala is the next popular apple.
  • The average Aussie household spend almost $50 a year on apples.  On average, we purchase apples 13.6 times a year  (I thought that was quite low but taking into account many Australians do not have recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, it’s would be correct)
  • Families are the highest consumer of apples, eating more than half of the apples purchased
  • 9 in 10 households purchase apples with sales declining last year by 3.7%
  • Younger households, 35 years old and younger with no children spend the least on apples and are more likely to purchase one type only.
  • Victoria and Tasmania are the largest apple growing areas in Australia with Victoria producing 135,000 tonnes a year.  Tasmania produces around 27,643 tonnes.  There is a threat to the production in Northern Tasmania as fruit fly has recently been discovered. This is being closely managed at the moment.


Here is a link the Tasmania Data, treat it like an apple and devour it!


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