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Fun Fact Friday – Ding Dong – Avon’s days in Australia are numbered

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Last week we heard that Avon, one of the labels which is very familiar to many of us, is withdrawing from the Australian and New Zealand market at the end of 2018

Interesting information that I found while looking into this topic are

  • Avon has been around in Australia since 1963. New Zealand operations were opened in 1978
  • Avon was founded in New York in 1886
  • Avon worldwide is the fifth largest beauty company with the second largest direct selling enterprise
  • In 2016 it sold off it’s American business with all its operations now outside of the US
  • 220 employees across Australia and NZ will lose their jobs.  They also have around 21,400 representatives across Australia who will be without the extra income of selling their products
  • Within minutes of placing the news on their Facebook site, more than two thousand comments were posted
  • Many representatives are now advertising their stock at reduced prices, so you still have time to stock up on your favourite products before the end of 2018

So why the move away from Australia and New Zealand? The company released a statement saying that it wanted to return to long term sustainable profitable growth and focus on markets with the biggest potential for future profits.

Yes the face of retail and the models of selling products are changing significantly, perhaps this is another example of this change?


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