Ground to Ground

Coffee Grounds for Soil and Trees

This is how you want to be recycling coffee grounds – making use of a small strip of soil under some trees will do just fine!

coffee grounds near treecoffee grounds on soil once used

This is a little area between the road and a car park, on the way to my gym actually. What a pleasant surprise, I wonder which office it came from? Someplace very close no doubt, so a big thanks to you my friend!

Thrown over the soil like this will take 3 to 4 weeks to decompose, quicker in warmer weather (it’s Winter here in Melbourne), and soon sinks into the soil covered with leaves and other debris. Then the worms move in, the nutrients are spread all around, and a little less organic materiel ends up in landfill.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds for Soil and Trees

  1. I bought a coffee pod machine a year ago and I’ve been salvaging the coffee from them to use on the garden and to feed the worm farm. It’s amazing how much coffee is in those things!


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