Ground to Ground

Bag them spent coffee grounds!

You got used coffee grounds? Don’t bin them when you can bag them. 

Instructions for helping the world (a little):

  • Make the coffee grounds
  • Put the spent coffee grounds into a double paper bag
  • Put the bags into a basket
  • Tell the customer to take a bag with their freshly made coffee
  • 👌 you have now helped the world a little
  • To make up for it, do something a little bad 😏

Bag for coffee groundsPaper bag to give spent coffee groundsOpen paper bag for spent coffee

One thought on “Bag them spent coffee grounds!

  1. I got some wet coffee grounds from Starbucks today…in plastic garbage bags.
    In Texas and …in this area…the ground is limestone. Right now, the temperatures are about 100 degree+ every day.
    I have grass in the front and side yard, and catcus, yucca, and agave in the back.
    Also have wax myrtle trees along the back and dwarf little john bottle brush in a raised bed. Not sure how to use the coffee grounds or if they are not good for some plants.
    I think it will definitely help the grass. I am wondering if coffee grounds might help around the Wax Myrtles and Bottlebrush. I posted some photos of my backyard at this link:


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