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Home grown Apple Compote!

What to do with a whole lot of almost ripe apples that the birds are already starting to test? Well you could leave it to them, sure they are hungrier and maybe they deserve some good homegrown fruit. Nah!


  1. Apples – pick and soak in water overnight
  2. Dates – fresh or dried
  3. Two oranges
  4. One lemon
  5. Vanilla Essence
  6. Pinch of Salt
  7. Handful of seasonal berries – blueberries are best


  1. Dice up the apples from whole. Don’t worry about skin, seeds or core – it’s good roughage!
  2. Throw apples into pot and add small amount of water
  3. Cook on a low heat
  4. Dice up the dates and mix
  5. Take the juice from the oranges and lemon and add to mixture – mix well
  6. Add salt
  7. Add lid to pot and watch TV or read a book. Or read my blog 🙂
  8. Allow to cook until apples until soft then turn off heat
  9. Allow 15 minutes to cool, then add berries and mix well
  10. Allow another 20 minutes to cool then add vanilla essence to taste. Not too much
  11. Mash it up with a bent fork or if you like it lumpy, but if smooth then use blender
  12. Eat warm and whatever is left can go into the fridge once left to ambient room temperature

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