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Coffee Grounds – Bali

Good to know that if I ever settle down in Bali, that there is an everlasting source of coffee grounds available.

Thank you tourists!! coffee ground 

The ground pucks are decidedly firmer than back home in Melbourne. They must have a very smooth grind for that to happen, and will soon be asking the local baristas how they make a coffee here.

It’s not a bad brew they do up here, and the coffee is strong 👌☕️. coffee machine with grounds box 

The next post will be about a special type of coffee they have here in Indonesia – Luwak coffee.

… And happy 2016!!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds – Bali

  1. The K-cup is really big deal in the U.S.A.
    For anyone who are not sure of the term “K-cup” it is single cup of hot tea or coffee or flavored tea or coffee from the same machine.


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