Ground to Ground

Oh, the Veggies You’ll Grow!

Oh, the Veggies You’ll Grow!

It’s time to get up!
Veggies are calling.
There! ‘tween the tweeting
ten creepers crawling.

With a trowel in your hand
and a hand in your glove,
grow tomatoes! Corn!
Greens! Whatever you love!
Farmer Dan Brown! You know what tastes good!
Le MonsterAnto would bottle yours if he could!

You walk up and down rows in a way that he can’t.
You know what’s good the morrow, is fine by that ant.
With a bag full of beans, a bed brimful of loam,
start at the beginning and get building a home.

You may not see any sprouts
sprouting right away.
You water, you check,
then your mind starts to stray.

Eyeing the chickens…
And now… the plot quickens!

So with or without you
the sun is the sun.
The water and soil
will get the job done.

In the distance some rumblings.
Forget what’s abrew.
You have sheep to feed.
You must do what you do.


Once seeds by the window,
our dinner within reach.
Luscious green, red and gold.
You’re ready to teach!

You’ll roll up your sleeves and you’ll put the work in
and perfectly spice no tastier gherkin.
You’ll take home some ribbons, all ten of them blue.
You’ll do it with gusto, forever the true.

Except when you flop…
You might come to a stop.

Because good work’s work.
Producing is tough.
Voles can beset you and
there are bugs and stuff.

Sometimes your crops will fail,
another fact of life.
Blame the weather or Jack
or the cut of the knife.

Next year will be stellar.
But for now it is cold
and the morning is late;
you escape to the fold.

You might feel all cooped up.
A blizzard will beat you.
Forget paradise
and let Mother treatch you!

You will search for the answers on the World Wide Web.
Trust you him or her or a famous celeb?
How will you know common nuts from the sages?
How much is hype? How much historical pages?
Which mixes will fix seven plus ages?

What will you choose? Some hybrids or heirlooms?
Mirrorkuls, cow poop or turning the Le’gumes?
Or what about 60 pounds of coffee grounds?
With so much advice, your options abound!
So be careful my friend, ’cause they also confound!

You will be distracted.
You’ll second-guess choices
and regard the din of dubious voices.
Lost is the signal ‘tween hum-humming noises.
Sweat for convenience and sugared Rolls-Royces?
Busy type choices…

…for busy type people.
Busy deleting spam
or spamming that man, or liking spiced ham
or choosing a brand, or making more clams
or clipping coupons, or voguing for cams ,
or busy pushing paper from here to Siam,
or busy stuck in traffic jams.
Everyone is so busy.

Busy sitting through meetings,
or busy serving fads that are fleeting,
or busy hiding crafty cheating,
or busy, perhaps, twiddling two thumbs,
or standing in line, or fighting for crumbs,
or hating on gowns, or faking retorts,
or running Bill down, or holding up courts.
Everyone is so busy.

You know better.

You will look up and
see a bright light at the end
where there is the time to
eat your lunch with a friend.

A robin and tulips
point to potential
to do great things that need no credential,
to do with full heart all that’s essential.

Oh the veggies you will grow! There is supper to make!
There are carrots to chop and there are trees to shake.
You’ll be truly amazed by who’ll come for the food!
D-Wald and Jacob and his best friend Mahmoud!
Love! They’ll love you! They’ll kiss your big stinky feet!
Even Pope Francis will be retweeting your tweets!

Sometimes they’ll hate you.
Sometimes people just do.

There is always someone
who can never be pleased.
No matter they’ll
fuss and pick at their peas.

You’re the chef!
And that makes you a leader!
Better be grass under
Rusty’s birdfeeder.

To every great leader there’s always a crux.
It can never be dodged, there is no such lux.
To do what is easy or to do what is right?
To stick with the vision or give up the good fight?

But on you will hoe,
though perfection eludes.
On you will hoe,
though the weeds will protrude.
On you will hoe,
through occasional feuds.
Acre by acre,
swinging the sickle,
though the difference you make
may seem but a trickle.

On and on you will learn.
You’re doing things better.
You’ll take care of the land while
braving the weather.

You’ll be tempted, again.
There’s no way around it.
Shortcuts are rife.
So hold on, dear, once you’ve found It.
You must be who you are
because only you can be you.
And remember the fun
is your very best clue.
There’s no reason to rush or fumble or hurry.
You can trust what is good so never you worry.

Will the dream come true?
Of course, if you do
items 3, 10 and 172.

Bud, you’ll change the world!

grow you corn, collards, cabbage or some leeks,
or blacked-eyed Susans that show off when they peek,
It’s going to be a year!
Each and every week!
Your garden is calling.
Go find what you seek.


Clearly based on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. I wrote this in response to the suggestion that “60 pounds of coffee grounds” sounded like it could be a Dr. Seuss book. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to find the reference. Anyone?

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