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When is a Cherry Ripe? When the Birds think so!

Now in the fourth year of growth, the Lapin Cherry 🌸🌸🌸 is starting to yield a decent crop of quality fruit. About 3 kilos so far, most of which ended up in my belly before it got a chance to sit in the fruit bowl on the kitchen bench. Not that anyone else would have wanted them, because I seem to have a thing for not fully ripe cherries.

eating something sourYou might say they were unripe, and I’m guessing that was the case because this was the look I got from anyone that ate the batch I brought into work.

OK so some folks can’t handle semi-ripe fruit, but I’ve never had a problem with tart foods. More so with fruit grown in the backyard. Like the Gala apples picked off a week too early, just as the birds show interest. They still taste so much better than store bought apples it never made a difference.

People ask why I don’t net, and in my experience it’s not yet worth going to all the effort. You can spend all that money on netting but somehow the birds still get in. I once saw a Rosella sitting on the net, picking through at one of the apples. It looked at me with shreds of apple in its beak, and managed to fly away before the handful of rocks hit him.

The birds are not stupid when it comes to finding a meal. They scan the skies, always hungry and in competition with every other creature. You grow it, they eat it! So wouldn’t the simplest thing be to follow a harvest at the same time as them?

So for those of us that can’t handle not fully ripe fruit, what’s your secret of getting the fruit off the tree in one piece?



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