Coffee Grounds in the garden / Ground to Ground

Can coffee grounds protect my bonsai?

I recently went to a workshop on field-growing pre-bonsai (in order to fatten up the trunks quicker).  And by quicker I mean that you get the desired effect in 3-4 years instead of 8-10 years.  All good things come to those who wait, eh.
I haven’t been using all my veggie beds, so I decided to throw some young trees in to see what would happen.  I’d paid only $6 for them at a bonsai show, so nothing to lose really.  And one was a cutting off my ornamental pear that I’d put into some potting mix one year.  Actually, I’d put six cuttings in and one survived.  I don’t even know if they bonsai well, but it will be fun to try.
Anyway, with the weather being a bit drier here in Melbourne I haven’t seen many snails or slugs around (I remember last year being on late-night slug patrol for about a month!).
So I put the trees in and about a week later noticed that something had been eating them (see photo).
I’ve been told that holes mean snails and caterpillars eat edges.  It looks like I was perhaps getting hit with both – but only on a small scale.  I don’t even know if snails eat tree leaves.  These leaves are pretty small and soft, though.  If I was a snail I’d easily confuse them for a vegetable.
I had some coffee grounds going mouldy in a bag in the garage, so I put big handfuls around the edge of the bed to see what would happen.
Coffee ground perimeter.

Coffee ground perimeter.

Coffee ground perimeter

Coffee ground perimeter


It’s only been a week or so, but the trees have been looking ok.

Even if it wasn’t the coffee, at least it will be good fertiliser.

One thought on “Can coffee grounds protect my bonsai?

  1. Hi mate – could be earwigs also. They are fond of drowning in a dug-in bowl of olive oil so might be worth putting one of those around also. Have you seen any snail or slugs stuck in the coffee grounds yet?


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