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Reading Coffee Grounds

Care to Read your Future with Coffee?

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We like to drink coffee and it’s one of the world’s most popular drinks. Did you know that it can actually tell your fortune?

The reading of coffee grounds is a genuine practice. This fortune telling might seem a bit strange to most people but it’s a branch if divination called Tasseography.



This branch of divination has been around for over a thousand years. Sometimes tea leaves are used but it can be done with coffee grounds too.

The grounds that are left behind in the cup create symbols that may hold the key to a person’s future.

Coffee Grounds Reading Your Future

Gipsies Fortune-telling

Some consider this coffee reading an occult practice! Here is how you do it:

  • Pick an old fashioned cup like they use to drink tea out of in England (I don’t know why just go with it).
  • The cup needs to be shallow and wide.
  • Use a white or a light colored mug so you can see the patterns that emerge.
  • Use the kind of ground coffee that would go into a drip filter machine, plunger, espresso pot, espresso machine. Avoid using instant coffee as it will leave few traces behind.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for every cup of water.
  • Drink your coffee as you normally do. As you get to the bottom of the cup don’t swallow any of the grounds.
  • Strain the coffee with your lips and drink the last of the liquid, leaving the grounds in the cup.

The Reading

Part of the fortune telling divination and coffee reading experience is trying to get the vibes from the subject.

The reader (physic, fortune teller) will hold the cup in one hand and hold one of the hands of the subject. The fortune teller will look for images in the coffee grounds just like you would look at clouds and see images.

tree symbol future readingSome readers  see a tree the first time which is like the subjects “tree of life.” It is sometimes an oak, willow, or palm tree.

A root structure can indicate the relationship with family members and if the tree leans to one side then the subject is putting too much emphasis into one area of their life.

Other symbols can be interpreted during the divination. Here’s a few that a reader might see:

Divination Symbols:

  • Apple – Creativity and fertility
  • Arch business and money matters
  • Bread – Nurture desires, dreams, and hopes
  • Bridge – You need to make an important decision
  • Coins – You’ll get money soon

These are just a few of the symbols there can be more of them depending upon what the psychic sees.

Meaning of the Reading?

divination coffee grounds

As bizarre of this might sound, not all your coffee grounds will tell a future. Really you mean it might be a load of crap!?

Divination from the cup can’t always see what will happen to the subject, and if they are wary of fortune telling then only a general reading will be available.

reading poor future

Negative images are usually a manifestation of the subject’s fears in life, and sometimes these can be taken advantage of for personal gain by the reader.

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