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How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

Like it wasn’t hard enough to get ‘us’ to recycle used coffee grounds already, humanity has found a way to trap those grounds in metal or plastic to make the task that little bit more impossible.

Not ready to accept us slowly suffocating on our own garbage, the friendly team here at Ground to Ground have been experimenting with the best way to pry those valuable used grounds from their 21st century pod tombs.

So with the kitchen bench-top turned into a workbench, which tool makes for the best coffee grounds remover-er from a pod device?

The Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer coffee pods


Rating – 4 out of 10
While it was fun to pound that evil coffee pod with an aluminium metal hammer, it did little to split the casing.

The only thing I wanted to do after this was smack a chicken breast and get some egg, flour and breadcrumbs onto it and straight onto the fry pan.

So fighting back a relentless hunger, I returned to the task at hand, a responsibility that I take seriously let me tell you.


The Old Blue Ikea Spoon Thing

blue spoon open coffee pods
Rating – 6 out of 10

This particular utensil has survived making 500 low fat lasagna dishes and so seemed an obvious choice to take it to the coffee pod.

It did not disappoint, cutting through the aluminum casing fairly easily.

Required a firm press and wiggle technique so might not be the best with a large volume of pods to open.


The Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter
Rating – 3 out of 10

We don’t make that many pizzas at home so this was as new as you can get. It came in some xmas present from work so kind of felt guilty throwing it away.

Wow imagine my surprise when rummaging through the pantry draw and there was this sharp little coffee pod destroyer just waiting for me.

Unfortunately, it took about three of four times to actually cut through the pod, which I’m sure would go through a pizza base without difficulty or even serve some purpose in a zombie apocalypse.

However, for coffee pods it works not good – avoid!


The Soap Cutter

soap cutter coffee grounds
Rating – 9 out of 10

Soap blocks are thick and dense, just like a muscular stupid person.

Soap cutters are heavy and made for splitting through slabs of the stuff, so getting through a coffee pod was child’s play.

Not only does it cut through well, but you can also spread the two halves easily.

Although it was not attempted on this fine day of discovery, I think it would easy enough to cut through multiple pods if stacked together.


Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Classic coffee pods
Rating – 7 out of 10

We keep our knives blunt on purpose – a rule of survival for clumsy people. Nevertheless, this cook’s knife sliced right through the coffee pod like it was soft butter.

It might actually be the most useful tool for multitasking, because you could cut through a few pods while making a salad or dicing some kind of meat dish.

You could also participate in a Filipino knife fight with your non-coffee pod cutting hand, making this the most versatile coffee pod opener available in the world today.


The Cheap Plastic Handle Screwdriver

plastic screwdriver coffee pods
Rating – 1 out of 10

This poor thing came out of some kind of build your own furniture set. It did not represent the screwdriver community well when it comes to piecing open coffee pods.

Actually the thing is a piece of rubbish and it ended up buried in the backyard.  The metal part of it should decompose in the next decade or so and the plastic will be gone by the end of the century, but out of sight – out of mind.

There is a high price to be paid for failure. A high price indeed!


The Flower Snippers

garden cutter coffee grounds pod
Rating – 5 out of 10

Not just the tool of choice for dead-heading flowers, this handy little device will snip through a coffee pod without difficulty.

Only issue is that the cut will be tight and some work is required to open the pod enough to allow the grounds to wash out.

A bonus is the auto opening blades, which means that if you were a very lazy person it requires less work than any other utensil.


scissors coffee grounds pod
Rating – 9.5 out of 10

And for ease of use and effectiveness the good old pair of scissors rein supreme.

Take a deep breath… Cutting all the way through the pods with hardly any effort, it was as if the good people at Nescafe knew their pods could be opened this way and printed it on the box so people at home could use scissors and not need to throw those perfectly fine coffee grounds into the garbage and go to landfill to make methane and further pollute the Earth.

But then again, maybe not.


So in first place our Gold medal winner – Scissors!
And just behind in second – Soap Cutters!
Third place belongs to – the Heavy Kitchen Knife!

Please congratulate our winning utensils, and no matter what you happen to have in your kitchen draw, a recycled coffee pod is a not so terrible coffee pod!!

3 thoughts on “How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

  1. Use can opener to cut tops of coffee pods, peel top off, grounds to compost bin, pods placed in empty plastic 2lt milk bottle. When full put in recycle bin. Have one for metal lids & one for plastic drink bottle lids. Council advised me of this. Makes sorting for sorters much easier,I also mark what is in my bottles for ease of sorting


  2. Folks, I really hate to state the bleeding obvious, but… a sharp knife (vegetable paring knife is perfect) inserted at the edge of the top of the pod and worked around the edge will lift the perforated cap off in 2 seconds (longer if you are right handed). Scrape coffee out into a container for your compost. Put still intact empty coffee pod in Nespresso recycling bag and (when full) deliver to local Nespresso shop for recycling in a sustainable manner.

    PS: I also know where all the teaspoons go ;-).


  3. I use an ordinary knife to slice around the plastic top then around the clear plastic inside then scoop out the grounds. Failing that, buy sachets from Lidl.


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