Ground to Ground

Another Writer Joins Ground to Ground – Rebekah Smith Makes Three!

Hi folks, just a quick message welcoming Rebekah Smith as a fellow author on

Along with myself and Paul Wyer, this little gardening blog now has three contributors. And this is a great thing 🙂

Why we need more voices on this site.

There are so many stories out there that need to be shared, and one person can’t do it all alone. In the same way that Ground to Ground succeeds as a decentralized model for the collection of coffee grounds, we achieve more in purposeful collective action than going solo.

Rebekah is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and is passionate about community gardening and making use of coffee grounds as a compost additive, bringing to this site a unique writing style that I find delightful to read. It is expressive, distinctive, and mature.

If you too are able to contribute quality writing and have an interest in the natural world, join as an active writer to a global audience – all you gots to do is to lets me know.

Shane Genziuk

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