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Eating Fuchsia Fruit

Forest Garden making a guild So you need food to eat in your forest garden, and you are growing all the regulars – apple, pear, citrus, fig, and so on.

Then your shrub level (using Patrick Whitefield’s 3 level arrangements as per his How to Make a Forest Garden), is hard at work. All those empty spaces are getting filled with berries, pepino, herbs, globe artichoke. But there is fruit from a plant that you might have seen but never tried – Fuchsia!

I was reading a great book by Mark Diacono named Taste of the Unexpected, and in this he mentions fuchsia as an edible option.

From page 81 of the 2010 hard copy:

Mini-batons, up to 6cm long, develop from the flowers, typically turning from green through reds to a deep purple. They may not be huge, but their flavour is so very special, with suggestions of kiwi, plum and sweet grapes, as well as a gentle edge of pepper that comes along near the end.

Buy or grow from cuttings One of the best things about fuchsia is that they take from a cutting very easily. So my advice here is to look be on the lookout for a plant with good sized flowers (which indicates the size of the fruit), and take a few pieces from it.

The general process for a fuchsia cutting is:

  • Cut a section just below a leaf node
  • Leave one flower and remove the bottom half of leaves
  • Dip stem into hormone powder or gel (an option not essential)
  • Push into some gravely mix and add water
  • Keep the pot out of direct sunlight and keep the soil moist

Or you could buy some already established plants – it will be a heap quicker, but all up to you. This is a great example of the fuchsia shrub, sitting in filtered sunlight at the base of a Camellia.

fuschia bush

The fruits are just waiting to be taken.

eating fuschia fruit

And here we go with the ripe fruit. Ready when soft to touch – remove and eat! Or turn into jam.

fuschia fruit eat   What kind of plant are you eating unexpected fruit from? 

8 thoughts on “Eating Fuchsia Fruit

  1. I am request permission to use some of your articles in my book the history of food to help this and the next generation to live healthier lives.


    • Well thank you for writing in. I was the same, but read it in the book and very quickly started to notice those little berry fruits.
      Are you growing them in pots or in the ground proper?


    • Thanks Charlie. Isn’t that one of the best things about the garden? No matter how many time I stare at the same patch of ground, there is always something new to see going on. Might need to wait a while to see it but that is half the fun 😉


  2. Interesting. I love fuschias, but have never even thought of eating that fleshy bit.
    Might pop over and see your chooks at some stage. It’s been ages since the group got together. I miss it.


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