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I will be speaking at the Change Management Institute – 10th July

There is an interesting little night being planned on the 10th of July (6PM to be exact), and a panel of amazing people are going to be speaking on the topic:

Is Social Media an Effective Tool for Change?

Now seeing how I am one of the speakers, I will of course continue to refer to the collective panel as amazing.

So what are we going to be speaking about exactly?

Please join us for an interactive discussion with our panel of social media and communication experts to explore the proposition and possibilities of whether social media is actually an effective tool for change. Our panellists will share their expertise and examples of effective (and not so effective) use of social media, as well as the risks and things to consider when planning your change and communications agenda and plan.

Audience participation to test the proposition, and share experiences with social media in a change environment will also help to make this event highly effective.

OK so get to Melbourne, Australia. From the airport, get a taxi to 440 Collins St. If you do manage to get there without the driver crashing into the back of a truck and fireballing you into the Tullamarine freeway then you are sure to have an awesome night of interesting conversation.

See you there – book from here.


2 thoughts on “I will be speaking at the Change Management Institute – 10th July

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