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Tamarillo Tree following – May 2014

A single fruit remains!

Here is all that is left of the crop of 2014 – a lonely overripe tamarillo, just waiting for a bird to snatch. But somehow, they leave it alone.

Experience maybe? The sour sweetness of tamarillo is an acquired taste, and I for one, have acquired it.

So for this month’s Tree Following – here goes.


New growth is already breaking through, where only a couple of weeks ago was a bare trunk.

tamarillo new leaves

That lovely foliage does so well in the Autumn – less so in the Summer.

tamarillo leaf growth

Trying to maintain the form as a vase and new growth leads to fruit – so I can shape it and guarantee a good crop for 2015.

tamarillo Autumn

tamarillo leaves

Until next month my friends, let’s see how the tamarillo gets through what is shaping up to be a cold Melbourne Winter.



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