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The Spider and the Apple

It’s late Autumn now. Chill nights lead to mostly sunny days, but some rainy days too. Only a couple of cicadas left calling for mates, and they will be quiet all too soon. Deciduous plants are preparing to sleep, casting off leaves that survived the Spring bugs and scorching Summer sun. I love Autumn.

The leaves of this lovely Apple tree are just starting to turn (was it the Snow variety? Really need to keep those name tags!),  but not before a little garden friend tries his luck with the neighborhood bugs.

I wished him all the best and took a photo to share. Soon the leaves will be gone and my little garden spider will be hunting in the mulch below. Or maybe not – he might stick around on those dormant limbs, eking out a living in the chill of a Melbourne Winter.

Let’s find out 🙂

The Spider and the Apple


What’s your favorite garden creature?

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