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Rock Dust for the re-mineralization of your Soil

I’m going to be trying this, after a couple of years of playing around with small quantities of rock mulch. Tomorrow, I’m picking up a fair amount of crushed granite – will let you know how it works out.
This video provides an excellent overview of why it works.

5 thoughts on “Rock Dust for the re-mineralization of your Soil

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  2. I’d love to get a load of rock dust. I understand it’s so good for the soil. On another note…
    Would you want to take part in some ‘tree following?” This is the first year I’m participating. Lucy of noted that most of the participants were from the UK and North America. Since you are one of a few ‘down-under’ bloggers that I follow, I thought it would be sort of neat to see what is blooming from your part of the world.


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