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The Amazing Special Powers of Parsley

Parsley is a glorious plant to grow in your garden, and not just for those delicious leaves.

You see, this special herb is able to bring up nutrients from deep in the soil, where other plants can’t reach. These nutrients go on to feed the parsley and surrounding soil, but then when the plant dies back (after 2 years), that goodness breaks down into the topsoil for all to share.

long taproot of parsley

Those long taproots help parsley survive pretty much any weather conditions. They are able to draw up so much moisture that if sharing a pot with another plant, it might well die of thirst.

parsley roots companion

As these things grow up to 4 feet and will self seed to weed like proportions, you might on occasion need to cut them back. If you do, cut the stalk at ground level and leave the roots in the soil. They will continue to draw up nutrients for you.

long taproots parsley herb

More than just a herb – it is a nutrients retrieval device!

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Special Powers of Parsley

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    • No sorry Brad. Cilantro is an annual so lives about a year, and does not have very deep taproots. A very nice herb (love it in Vietnamese soups) but does not compare to the power of parsley!


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