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The Top Reason Why You Don’t Need Pesticides in Your Garden

Here it is folks – the aphid armagedonator. Commonly known as the ladybug or ladybird, the Coccinellidae is a top class predator of garden pest insects. Pretty much anything that wants to suck the life your of your plants is fair game, as is the case in these images (bulk of aphids are on the right).

Our friend the ladybug is making a meal of aphids on my Gala Apple tree. Soon the fruit will set and another Summer harvest will be assured, so delightful to pick a home grown apple warmed by the sun.

So you see the problem with spraying the life out of anything that moves? You kill the aphids, sure that is great, you also kill their predators (ladybugs, spiders, parasitic wasps, lacewings and hoverflies). The predators and their larvae die, their lifecycle is disrupted, the aphids will return due to their strength of numbers, and what is left to eat them then? More pesticides become a poor substitute for natural controls, ignoring a few hundred million years of Nature’s R&D for a few centuries or ours.

You don’t need to use commercial pesticides in your garden, just provide a nice home for natures little helpers.

4 thoughts on “The Top Reason Why You Don’t Need Pesticides in Your Garden

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  2. “the aphid armagedonator”. Luv the description! Unfortunately the last two wicked winters up here have almost destroyed the ladybug population, and so aphids feast. I’ve lost many a shrub, one was 15 years old, suck dried by aphids. This year I’ll be ordering a bounty to give the garden a chance.


  3. Oh I love this … if we allow the “workers” to live in peace, they keep all the destructive bugs at bay. Today a ladybug flew into the house … it’s relatively warm today so I transported her to a plant, outside, with little aphids. When I last looked, she was happily munching away.


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