Ground to Ground

4 thoughts on “Third Coast Coffee is a Ground to Ground participant!

  1. Not in your program, but anyone can get old coffee & chaff from Pontiac S.C.,at the process plant. A soil conditioner company uses all the “waste coffee product” in the plant, that is measured in the tons.
    Thanks for all you do.


  2. It would be great if employees of Starbucks in the Los Angeles could be reminded of their Grounds for your Garden program. Most say their managers do not want them collecting grounds even if you call ahead, and most of the younger people that work there do not even know of the program. Thankfully there are a very few that will save grounds that an organic gardener like myself is so appreciative for. Maybe a gentle reminder to the management would rectify this.
    Love these posts. Started adding coffee grounds when I can get it to my lawn and also compost bins.


    • Great to hear from you Anu, and yes it is disappointing to hear that Starbucks are not as keen on their Grounds for the Garden program as they once were. I had the same experience from Starbucks staff here in Australia, then most of their stores here shut down. The cafes that normally come on board with Ground to Ground are keen on the program and want to make a difference, and know why they want to make a difference!


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