Ground to Ground

Glen Eira Council – Foodline Newsletter

Glen Eira is a great city council. I spoke to a packed room of council staff a few months back, and really enjoyed the experience. Then I started getting emails from local cafes interested in getting involved in Ground to Ground.

The cafe owners had received a copy of the Foodline newsletter, proudly produced by the above mentioned council. Thanks council!

Now a quick call out to those good folks that got in touch:

  • Darren from the Rail Cafe just outside the Murrumbeena train station.
  • Anneke from Artistic Culinaire, who are now getting Ground to Ground up and running at their Victoria Uni -Footscray Park venue!
  • Elaine from Michel’s Patisserie in Carnegie, who has just in fact started giving out the store’s coffee grounds, which prompted this awesome comment from Ground to Ground regular, Sam.

So what promoted them in the first place? Here it is.

Welcome to the autumn edition of Foodline — a newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest food safety information, Food Act amendments and general information that may assist your food business.

Government coffee grounds

I’m planning on writing more about my involvement with council and efforts to encourage a more sustainable approach to… just about everything. And that my friends is an adventure for another time.

Until then, may you and your used coffee grounds be good.


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