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Spider On Arrowroot

A lovely sight – did you know that arrowroot is a tradition treatment for spider bites? Never one to rush to label something ‘ironic’, but can I, can I??

a spider waits on an arrowroot stalk

Can’t say I’m a fan of the arrowroot tubers, although every now and again a small piece will find a way into my salad (sometimes the leaves also). Very filling, due to the starch I suspect.

As a plant they are handy. They are a perennial,  drought proof , and provide a biomass that the chickens love with enough leftovers for the compost. Weeds are unable to find purchase as the tubers rise above the soil, and in sufficient density makes an effective wind break.

Worth a try – and spiders like them!

3 thoughts on “Spider On Arrowroot

  1. Hi there,

    Well that was quite interesting, l never knew the arrowroot was an old spider bite remedy. Might google it now to see how effective it is.

    Thanks for the info


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