Ground to Ground

City of Onkaparinga – Recycling Coffee with Ground to Ground

Hi all – very pleased to report that the City of Onkaparinga, South Australia, is using the Ground to Ground model for coffee grounds recycling.

Lynda Wedding (Waste & Recycling Education Officer at Onkaparinga), and Thia Elliott (local resident and member of the Food 4 All Network), have taken up the challenge along with many locals and cafes in participation.

You can learn  more by clicking on the awesome Onkaparinga Ground to Ground poster below.

recycle coffee grounds City Onkaparinga

Members of the Food 4 All Network, a local group promoting the development of sustainable food systems and maximising community food ownership, has partnered with the City of Onkaparinga to implement a pilot program in Willunga.

45% of businesses serving coffee in Willunga were already recycling their coffee grounds before the commencement of this program. All outlets approached were excited about this concept and have come on board with Ground to Ground.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

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