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Phillip Island – Horses

Just catching up on my most recent family holiday to Phillip Island, and the horses that grazed on a neighbouring pasture.

It was a large open field, with tall grasses and shrub; blackberry gone wild enough to be the only thing holding up the fence. Tall eucalyptus, with thick trunks and heavy branches that dipped low to the ground.

So peaceful to just observe them go about their business, with a gentle breeze under blue skies.

We’ve been here before, Phillip Island in the seaside tourist town of Cowes. Woodbyne Cottages was the name of the place, and it was just OK – 2 out of 5 on a good day.

The horses were nice so here there are – click on any of the photos below to expand. Were they just a passing herd, permanent residents, or on agistment?  If you happen to know please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Phillip Island – Horses

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