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A Cosmetic Use For Ground Coffee: Darkening Your Hair

Ground Coffee Can Transform Your Hair Colour

While the hair dye and cosmetic industry in general is still booming, there are many people still looking for a way to darken and colour their hair without exposing their strands to harsh chemicals present in many permanent dyes, and in some semi permanent colouring solutions.

What many of these people are yet to realise though, is that there is a different type of hair dye available which is probably sat in your kitchen right now, most likely somewhere close to your kettle: ground coffee.

While the benefits of drinking coffee have been disputed for many years now, with many claiming that it helps treat diabetes and prevents tooth cavities, what no one should be able to argue with is the affect it can have as a hair dye, as it is particularly good at bringing out natural brown and red colours, as well as covering up grey without the user needing to touch a chemical-rich hair dye product.

Hair Dye Has Chemicals, But Ground Coffee Is All Natural

Unlike standard hair dyes, which can contain up to 5000 different chemicals to create their stunning colours, coffee grounds are a brilliant natural alternative which is so easy to get your hands on in your local supermarket – you can even choose the strength and flavour you want in your hair, although that doesn’t make a huge difference!

Before you begin your coffee dyeing process, make sure you have enough beans to make a really strong mixture, because the strength is what is going to affect your final colour. You’ll also need a cup to spread the coffee grounds over any areas you miss, a sink (to pour the coffee in), and probably some hair care accessories such as a brush and a clip to make your life easier.

The Process Of Dyeing Your Hair With Coffee

Before you begin, you need to brew the strongest coffee you’ve ever made. Don’t use instant coffee which has added chemicals; only beans will do for this hair dyeing adventure because they are truly natural, and won’t harm your head.

a cup of coffee with cat

Once your coffee has been made, and cooled (because hot coffee on your head is going to hurt), fill up your sink with the mixture. You can add some conditioner to the bowl too, just to give your hair some added protection during and after the process.

At this point it’s also a good idea to give your hair a good brush, because just like with your normal dark purple hair dye, or whichever colour you usually use, you’ll have much better results if you apply to smooth hair, and it’ll be a lot easier to do as well.

To complete the staining process, pop your head in the mixture and cover your hair thoroughly, using your cup to cover any areas you miss, which you’ll usually find are at the back of your head.

Use your fingers or a hair dye brush to work the mixture of coffee through every strand of hair, all the way from your roots to the tips, unless you are trying to focus on a specific area.

Use the cup again to cover your hair ten more times with the coffee mixture, just to make sure you haven’t missed a small area, and to make sure that it gets the best opportunity to stain your hair. When completing this step, remember that any liquid that can stain your hair can make an impact on your skin and clothing, so take care not to get the coffee anywhere you don’t want it to be.

Once you’ve totally covered your hair, leave the mixture in for fifteen or twenty minutes, as this will help the hair absorb the colour more evenly. After that, simple rinse away any remaining coffee grounds and enjoy your new look, obtained 100% chemical free thanks to the humble coffee bean.

If you are not seeing the difference that you expected from using coffee, complete the same process for a few days in a row to give the dye a greater opportunity to penetrate the strands of your hair. It’s well known that natural dyes do take a little bit longer to show themselves, and if your hair is naturally tough it may resist taking the colour for a few days, although you will get there in the end.

If you have lighter hair, such as very light blonde, the coffee dyeing process can very quickly change your hair colour dramatically. If you’re at all concerned about changing your hair in such a dramatic way, test the mixture on a strand or a clipping of your hair first, just to avoid any unwelcome surprises when you look in the mirror.

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  5. Thanks for the great post, I love coffee so much, drank about two cups today and made a cup just for my hair, very good advice here. Is it the same if you put just conditioner in your hair with it? I will do this tonight for I love the nighttime and coffee 🙂


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