A Forest Garden - Record of Progress

Flowers and Sunshine

Cornflowers and Nasturtiums self seeded this year, in much larger numbers than was to be expected.

About a tonne of horse manure was added to the front yard last Autumn, so how any seeds got through that pile is a welcome mystery.

Those cornflowers have just started, give it another few weeks and there will be scores of baby blue flowers calling out to the insect world – Here we are!!

a blue cornflower in the garden

Such contrast between the flower’s blue folds and the silvery green foliage.

closeup of cornflower in green garden

Faded cherry rose flowers will hold this color through the Summer.

A cherry color nasturtium

Oranges and Reds, all self seeding around the lemon tree.

nasturtiums are growing around the lemon tree

Messy for some – just right for me.

nasturtiums with cornflowers and lavendar

A corn poppy welcoming a new day.

a red poppy with black centre

And the California poppy.

a California poppy flower in full bloom

What color flowers are brightening your day?



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