A Forest Garden - Record of Progress

Lemon Tree First Fruit

This seems to be a recurring theme…

I plant a fruit tree, then some time later, it grows fruit.

What else was to be expected?

Well you see, I was one of those kids that didn’t get outside much, let alone tending trees.

Still surprised they grow so well in my care.

So the latest member of the fruit bearers is the Lemon – a Lisbon to be exact.

And here is the next batch growing right now – this time from a Lemonade Lemon tree!

lemonade lemon tree

4 thoughts on “Lemon Tree First Fruit

  1. Beautiful lemons. Where do you live? It’s autumn and pretty chilly here in Missouri! 🙂 Lemons don’t even grow here, as far as I know. Everytime I visit friends in California, I come home with boxes of lemons! We do have amazing native persimmons though. Tat reminds me – I need to harvest the fallen persimmons from JoAnna’s house to make jam!


    • I’m in Melbourne Australia, and lemons have always been a part of suburban life here. It rarely gets below zero, and in Summer the sun is full and strong. Now as for persimmons, they do grow here although the one that I bought died as a sapling. I would trade them for lemons, so enjoy and happy picking!


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