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Raising Courtnix Quail – From Chicks to Adults

Watching this was something really special – sit back and enjoy.

And this is what little chicks look like after a couple of days (do not confuse with the standing blonde mop chicken on the left and that old rooster on the right)

Shane and Max Genziuk

And now a week has passed – their growth rate is remarkable. Click for close ups.

After a full 2 weeks they are developing feathers and looking like small adults.

japanese quail

Deciding on what to eat? Sorry guys, only one thing on the menu today…

quail chicks hutch

After 4 weeks it is all there – time now to fatten them up and keep them happy.

4 week old quail chick male

After six weeks the hens start laying eggs, the males are ready to breed, and both are ready for the table.

quail adult 6 weeks

These are a remarkable little bird; easy to keep and feed. They are naturally robust and rarely get sick.

One thing to be mindful of however for the city folk… you might experience grief from the family if you get them involved in raising them to the point that you want to eat them.

That was my experience anyway – now my little quail are for a good source of eggs and making fertilizer. But not for lunch. Or dinner.

One thought on “Raising Courtnix Quail – From Chicks to Adults

  1. YES! The book THE LUCKY ONES, by Jenny Brown, comes to mind.
    I wish every meat / poultry eater would read it…Haven’t finished it yet myself, so don’t know if fish are tackled…
    Btw, are lentils easy to grow?

    Wonderful posts, thank-you!


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