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The Last Harvest of Autumn

There was something sad about the passing of Autumn this year. Maybe just because I now notice the change of seasons; those last warm days of sunlight. And how everything just seems to slow down, then stop and wait. Then Winter happens.

Heavy rain and cold nights leave me wanting the return of Spring now, and not in 3 months, after what is expected to be a long cold Winter.

Here we have a couple of tomatoes than just scraped through. Not all of them made it to ripen…

tomatoes last of season

The Jerusalem Artichoke is well and truly gone now, as shrivelled brown leaves disintegrate off the stalks.

But Autumn’s growth continues to show everywhere – to the left a fig, a plum tree at bottom centre, and an almond on the right (behind the wire).

Jerusalem artichokes finish in the fall

Chillies ripen on the vine, soon to be collected and dried for storing. It was such a bumper crop this year, there should be enough to last all the Winter.

chilli peppers on bush

Chilli and green peppers, tomatoes, basil, carrot – something to remember the season by.

tomatoes peppers capsicum basil

The last Sunset of Autumn 2012.

sunset for Autumn 2012

The first Sunrise of Winter 2012

the first day of Winter 2012

What are your thoughts on the change of season?

2 thoughts on “The Last Harvest of Autumn

  1. I’m looking forward to fall when my red maple turns a stunning red. I got tired of the drought and 100 degree weather. I just hope the winter doesn’t make up for the lack of precip in the form of snow!


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