A Forest Garden - Record of Progress / Coffee Grounds in the garden

Fig Tree First Fruit

In June 2011, this was the closest I came to eating the first fruit off my Fig Black Genoa.

black genoa fruit

But those hopes were dashed you see. Winter stopped them growing any further, and then some bloody rodent came along and finished the job.

So now it is Autumn 2012, and what do we have here? A new batch of fruit arrived to said fig, it ripened, I picked it, and the rest is a fruit salad breakfast.

the first ripe fig from my black genoa

About 18 months on from creating this forest garden and the rewards are starting to come in a big way. Next year this thing will supply enough for me, the birds, and those rodents (well maybe the first couple, definitely not their 2000 relatives).

What I’m finding is that a rich soil well watered will prompt excellent fig tree growth, and I owe much of the quality of my soil to the use of coffee grounds – What was a dry soil is now full of life and the display of healthy and productive plants.

In a previous article I have written in detail about making coffee compost and how those grounds are good for fruit trees, and recommend this as an item of further interest.
+Shane Genziuk

4 thoughts on “Fig Tree First Fruit

  1. Look’s good, remember Fig preserves on hot homemade biscuits in my child hood.
    I now have a Lemon fig,Green fig, Brown Turkey & a LSU purple.
    They love my coffee compost.


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