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17 thoughts on “Shiitake Muchrooms

  1. Hi!

    I am based in Oslo, Norway and looking to start my own initiative/social enterprise around growing mushrooms from coffee grounds. I do not have much experience yet, so I am off to Fungi Futures for a short course and a visit to their facilities in mid feb and then going to do a three day course at Chido´s mushrooms 22-24 feb:


  2. Hi Tenka,

    Thanks for the advice! Are you growing your mushrooms inside or outside? Also, what to container are you growing them in?


  3. Hi Jon, I have just stated growing mushrooms on the used coffee grounds its fascinating, some varieties of mushrooms love growing in coffee grounds, so far Oyster and Shiitake have worked, no need to buy spawn to grow oyster mushrooms i cut the stalk into small pieces and put straight into the cg, the mycelium will start running and in a few weeks more mushrooms!


    • Man I wish I knew enough about it to run a workshop. Well I could run a workshop about composting coffee grounds if you are interested? Maybe by the end we’ll work out how to grow mushrooms!
      Seriously, happy to give you a tour of the place.


    • Hi Jon. Doing it indoors at the moment but that is going to change next year with an outdoor harvesting area. Hope to have some updates in the near future. Are you growing your own mushrooms?


      • Hi Shane,

        Interested to hear more. I am trying to grow some Oysters in coffee grounds. So far – not too much success. How are you growing yours in a bucket, bag, etc? Any info you can share would be very helpful!



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