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Types of Coffee Maker

The art of coffee making can take years to perfect.

Having the right equipment is the best first step, so let’s go through the options.

Standard Coffee Maker

These use a powered pump and push the necessary amount of water for espresso through a thermo block. This turns water temperature up and pushes it through the coffee at a force of between 19 bars of pressure.

Bean to Cup Espresso

These coffee machines are ideal for those looking for fresh coffee and are generally automated.

You usually just place the espresso beans into the machine and the equipment grinds it. This then will dispense the amount you require and there is no need for a porta filtration system here as the machine does everything.

These are usually a little more expensive than other makers and are noisier as they grind the beans.

However, the quality is up to the best available quality.


This sort of maker is the most modern and hi-tech machines available.

English: Capsule holder from the Lavazza BLUE ...

These are essentially coffee beans on the instant and mean you only have to add a pre packaged container to the machine for very fresh coffee – something akin to bean to cup machines in freshness terms.

They generally involve a one touch button process and the espresso is pushed out.

They are also extremely clean and are priced below $400 in most cases. One down side is that coffee machines like this only accept coffee pods or capsules from their own makers.

French Press

A French press coffeemaker

The French Press or plunger is one of the traditional forms of coffee maker and provides fresh coffee with no need for disposable filters or electricity.

Just add the grounds, fill with near boiling water, then add the lid and press – then press!

This means they are a greener option than others and produce excellent coffee once the coffee used is of good quality.


The percolator existed in a time before paper filters were common and is a steam based coffee maker.

Español: Cafetera italiana English: Coffee per...

The boiling water forces the coffee through the grounds into a separate chamber.

These were very popular in the 1970s before being replaced by the automatic drip coffee maker.

This is a robust sort of coffee maker and allows for careful brewing.

Drip Coffee Machine

This machine is a method of brewing which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans containing a filter.

Water comes through the coffee and absorbs the oils and essences through gravity and passes through the bottom of the filter.

This form of coffee making is very popular in the North Americas and produces a light bodied coffee, though some say it loses some of its essence when doing so.

There have also been worries about medical problems caused by this method.

Instant Coffee

This is a soluble coffee powder and is derived from brewed coffee beans.

It is prepared by freeze drying, or spray drying, which is then rehydrated. It is a quick way to make coffee and dissolves instantly in the water.

It also has a shelf life, though the taste is not the highest of qualities.


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  2. Brilliant article, very informative, i was recently in the market for a good coffee machine, i bought a ground machine from , i wish id read this article before hand i think i would have chosen a bean to cup to be honest, it appeals to me that little more after reading this article, theres something about the process that i find intriguing


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