A Forest Garden - Record of Progress

Ladybugs Eat Aphids

I was admiring one of my apple trees, as you do.

The flowers, a little apple (this tree’s first!), the leaves, the ladybug.

One of the more frustrating things I have found in the garden has been the absence of ladybugs. But no longer.

The Ladybug

ladybug on an apple tree

But wait… what’s up here then?

ladybird on an apple tree

Quick aphids run!

closeup of aphids on fruit tree

OK don’t run. Get eaten. Suit yourselves.

aphids living on an apple tree

6 thoughts on “Ladybugs Eat Aphids

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    • It seemed to me that they munched on a few and then lost interest, then went back for more, but after a few days there were no aphids left – zero. Can’t say it was ladybugs for sure as it all happened at about the same time as I bucketed everything with worm tea so could have been one or the other (or both)?!


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