The Coffee Grounders

Survey – Where Do You Get Your Used Coffee Grounds?

Time to publish results of the first survey posted onto Ground to Ground.

The question is – Where do you get your used coffee grounds?

  • 52% at the coffee shop / cafe
  • 18% at the office
  • 25% from your own espresso machine or plunger
  • 4% from friends or family

results of coffee grounds survey one

And if you have not yet had some input into this important question – here it is!

3 thoughts on “Survey – Where Do You Get Your Used Coffee Grounds?

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  2. this is the first time this happened. The plastic bag the shop gave me looked a bit dodgy and I forgot to bring my cloth bag to put it in. A trail of coffee little red riding hood style followed behind me in Bourke Street till I finally saw what had happened.

    Sam – You are the master at knowing where to get used coffee grounds.


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