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Potatoes in Tires

Growing Potatoes in Car Tires

We seem to have 2 complimentary factors here:

  1. Potatoes grow well in bags, containers, or other semi enclosed setup (like a car tire)
  2. There are so many car tires for the taking you will never need to look hard to find them

The idea is to start with a few potatoes in the base of a single tire, then when the plants are about 6 inches in the air, you place another tire onto the first one and fill it with quality soil, leafmold, lawn clippings or coffee compost, leaving about 2 inches of foliage above the surface. That is it really, just keep repeating the process until you get as high as is practical. I’ve found that 3 standard car tires is about right.

potatoes flowering in car tire with coffee compost

The end result here is a bucketful of Kipfler potatoes.

growing potatos in car tyres

There were a couple of earthworms sticking to this one, but I encouraged them to go back home!

potatoes growing from car tire in coffee compost

As mentioned, there were a large number of worms in with the potatoes. So much so that I’m going to try the three tires as a worm farm and see how that goes.

You can also use those polystyrene containers to grow potatoes, and I’m seeing good results so far. In the mix here is matured compost, wood shavings, and plenty of coffee grounds.

potatoes growing in a mostly coffee mixture

Growing potatoes is relatively easy and fun to do. I’ve heard some objections to using old tires as a container for growing potatoes, and can appreciate those concerns. I may not use them to grow potatoes next year but it was worth the try.

Give it a go for yourself, and let me know how you find it. Hopefully as productive as I have.

What would you like to start growing in car tires or a container?
+Shane Genziuk

13 thoughts on “Potatoes in Tires

  1. Interesting idea, and I am a little late on here but I was told years ago that NO veg should be grown in tyres/tires due to the heavy metals that they apparently can contain!! NOT nice !!!! I have grown LOTS of flowers in them though !!!


    • That might be the case Susan, which can be fixed by lining the inside of the tyre with plastic sheeting like with a pond. The soil sites surrounded by the plastic which is all held in place within the tyres.


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    • Yes they could Dimitri, and thanks for stopping by. Besides using old tires as potato grow bags, stacking a couple would make for a great environment for a plant, much the same as a large pot. The temperature is well managed within the tires, meaning it will not get too cold for Winter frost, and seems not to mind direct sun and high ambient temperatures.


    • Yes indeed it is. I’m getting kilos worth of potatoes growing in those tyres, and then I keep using them as a worm farm. When planting time comes again, I’ll strip out all the vermicast and start over again. A great natural system.


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