Coffee Grounds in the garden

Prepare for Winter Gardening

Keeping One Step Ahead of Winter’s Chill

Last year, I got around to planting the Winter crops too late. They struggled to establish themselves over those cold nights and develop into fully productive vegetable plants. And then the bugs got to them…

The more I learn about gardening, the more it seems to be about preparation (rotation and plant selection, soil quality), and appreciation (what is the condition of each plant and what is eating it and why!).


As soon as the plastic pots ran low, it was time to make use of all those coffee cups. I punched a few holes in the bottom and filled them with an even combination of seeding soil, coir (coconut husk), vermicast leachate, and coffee grounds – then a nice dose of rain water.


Last year I planted things and then forgot what they were. Not this time! Those plastic seedling markers are fantastic, and ice cream sticks are also good. This photo is from a week old cauliflower seedling, with the second set of leaves just starting to emerge.

A cauliflower seedling growing in a coffee grounds mix

Here we have a broccoli Waltham

A broccoli seedling in a coffee grounds mix

How do they always seem to germinate and come out at the same time?


Now that was about a month ago and here is one of those seedlings now, sitting in a coffee compost, getting ready to grow into something special.

brussel-sprouts just added into garden

Plot 2 with the last of the climbing beans, marigold, and strawberries.

Getting ready for for the winter crop

Getting ready for Winter growing, let’s see how it goes.



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