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Winter Composting for Spring Success on Organic Authority

My most recent guest blogging post all about Winter Composting is sitting happily on Organic Authority, a leading green site.

This was a challenging and rewarding piece to construct, as they were very specific about their target audience. It is good to be pressed as a writer so very happy I got it done.

a composting post that went onto the site organic authority

Might ease off on doing guest blogs for now, not entirely sure. The problem is finding the time balance between writing about gardening (AKA coffee grounds), and doing the actual gardening. With Autumn here already, it is a busy time preparing for the colder months. An eternity in digital or sustenance for a season… Let’s see what happens.

6 thoughts on “Winter Composting for Spring Success on Organic Authority

  1. Just wanted to let you know that those tips work well into Summer also! Its just that it makes the compost even hotter than normal. Coffee grounds along with molasses goes down a treat. Thanks for the tips.


    • Great to hear from you Morrie. Molasses in compost works very well, and works even better for making worm tea. I’ve found that fruit juice is also very good in compost due to the high sugar content. The sugar feeds the microorganisms which then generate the heat.


  2. Just started to follow your advise on that article you did for winter composting. Hope my compost ends up as good as yours come spring (just need to find as much coffee grounds as you did). Fingers crossed.


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