Garden and Nature in Words

Rain Checked

Robot Soldier, Norwescon 30

Image by djwudi via Flickr

I wrapped a bandanna
around its head
over the eye that flashes red
It tried for a smile
metal sleeves for teeth
a silver coated kind of tongue
flicking up and down on a servo

It wears a uniform on the inside
little bits and bytes let them know
this one from the others
I could tell them apart also
this was the only one with a teddy bear
printed on a bandanna
over a flashing red eye

I started to hum a song
while it scanned the horizon
artillery rumbled from far off
not ours
their reinforcements would be here soon
less like this one
because we bought most the stock
to my surprise
it knew the song
so we hummed and waited
for humans to kill


14 thoughts on “Rain Checked

  1. Wow, so powerful and scary good! Your imagery painted futuristic thoughts of what’s to come(for me)~ I like how you went a different route; Well Done~


    • Howdy Ellen. Seeing how we have all those drones flying in war torn spots all around the world, I think it is getting closer to present than future. We don’t hear too much about it though, and when they are walking through our streets, it will be too late to get rid of them.


  2. Okay, thanks Shane. I don’t think I would like a future where the power is in the hands of the few and the rest would be manipulated for greed – which is exactly what is happening today. I hope love and sense will prevail in the end… 😀


    • Well it seems that our character was on the side that bought most of the machines, and the guys they were fighting were waiting for another order to arrive. I think that the future will give us miraculous things, but that only a handful of entities will be able to deliver them. Regional conflicts may well be supplied by the same manufacturer, as is the case today, but it will become more pronounced as the technological stakes become higher.
      So the other dudes had to take a rain check on their robots and fight the good old fashioned way!!


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