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The Old Tick and Flick Trick


Image by itsray via Flickr

You left me a note
mentioned a natural affinity
to smoke during the early hours
blowing rings around the moon
left to fidget with impossible dreams
spitting across the bricks
some on the fence
soon to be dried under a summer sun

Birds break the silence
as stars fade from the east
bugs make the noises they do
those that hunt them are silent
they get what they want
chest is heavy with stale air
another packet scrunched and thrown
will need to give this up one day
but these are concerns for an older man
he will know what to do

Inspired by the words ‘Affinity, Fidget, and Mention‘ on Three Word Wednesday.

13 thoughts on “The Old Tick and Flick Trick

  1. What more will come from this young talent?
    I am old, and I smoke, and yes smoking CAN kill – but so can motor vehicle exhaust; the vehicles themselves, oh, so many things that are considered good and desirable can be positively dangerous. When private cars are forced to carry garish health warnings, like cigarette packets, then I shall be content and give up smoking.


  2. I love this – like a note passed onto yourself through time…you always hope age will bring answers but it just seems to bring up more questions -and slower reaction times..’blowing rings around the moon’..and that picture..that’s where it’s best to stay..Jae


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