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Cafe Recycling Coffee Grounds – Barma Cafe

Collecting Coffee Grounds from Cafes

This post is dedicated to the Barma Pastry Cafe located at Stockland The Pines in the North Eastern Melbourne suburb of Templestowe. Barma are one of the cafes involved in the Ground to Ground initiative, which aims to make better use of spent coffee grounds.

Barma has found it easy to store the coffee grounds separate to other items, and this is picked up about once a week and put to use for composting.

Barma supplies a medium grind, which is ideal for lawn application or directly onto the vegetable garden as a side dressing.

The pictures below are from the Barma store, and the Ground to Ground logo is in a great position, letting all their customers know that doing something to reduce their contribution to landfill is an important thing for them.

And the mandatory close up of the Ground to Ground logo.

The Barma coffee grounds are great to use for lawn, being on the medium grind side. Thank you guys, your coffee grounds are very much appreciated.

A bag full of coffee grounds for lawn

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