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Coffee Grounds Collecting at the Office – Keeping it going

Ground Coffee Delivers!

Time for an update into the Ground to Ground initiative at the CBW complex in Melbourne.

To the end of December, we have 40 volunteers signed up for collecting coffee grounds, which are generated by the on-site espresso machines and cafes that occupy the retail space.

Each week we are collecting between 150 to 200 kilos of used coffee grounds, and even with that seemingly large quantity, the only real issue at the moment is that we are not getting enough coffee for everyone, even with more cafes coming on-board to contribute.

From experience, a typical suburban garden can take 20 kilos of coffee grounds per week without even knowing about it; even 100 kilos a week for one person is achievable.

collecting coffee from the office

I took out some of the bags to show what the cafes left us in one evening. These bags were warm when they were taken out, and will stay that way for several hours.

these bags of coffee grounds are from cafes

Here you can see the sign I put on the grounds bin to encourage some of the other cafes to get involved.

Attention All Cafes in Goldsbrough Lane

If you put your used coffee grounds into this bin, one of our forty volunteers will gladly take it home for their garden and compost!

Thank you for helping us make a difference

Some of the bags are still warm!

And below, the bags of used ground coffee has been put back into the Ground to Ground bin, waiting for one of those amazing volunteers to take it home for their garden or compost!

A bin full of grounds



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