Coffee Grounds in the garden

Compost with Worms and Coffee Grounds

Worms and Ground Coffee

I have been busy getting the various compost collections ready for use in the garden. Fortunately, combining coffee grounds into the compost, along with leafmould, and in this case, wood chips, has given a lovely product that will go very well on my new vegetable plot.

This supply of compost made with coffee grounds, leafmould, and wood chips, has become new soil, and that as always is an amazing thing to see happening.

All it took was combining it into a cardboard box over winter, out in the open getting as much sun as Melbourne would provide. Now the box is part of it all too, so no waste of any kind, including coffee waste!

Coffee grounds, wood chips, leafmould, earthworms

Maybe it is that coffee grounds attract worms, and seeing these little guys in the compost is the best seal of approval. I’ll give it another week to air dry in the container, then this new compost is going to help me grow corn and cucumbers.

Coffee grounds, wood chips, leafmould, earthworms

Coffee in compost with worms, what a great combination!



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