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The Tiny Things

Sh2-155, Cave Nebula

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So you forgot some onions
the ones on your shopping list
and your hair frays in the heat
you don’t look like a model
someone else won the lottery
then become famous
but you didn’t
you swore you would be like an Angelina
it was made to hurt when you stopped eating
you were sad for the five hundred people
that just died in a flood
but didn’t seem to mind
the one hundred and forty six thousand
one hundred and twenty five others to die today
and by the time your planet circles your sun
another fifty million will join them
I will not poison your neighbour
or set them on fire
but rest assured
you have just brief moments
to fill them with your tiny things

So peaceful out here
drifting on galactic winds
a trillion suns to light the way
my breadcrumbs floating along a trail
to lead me away from you
on this grandest adventure
all the while I hum a song
that someone taught me once
a hum that binds the tiny things
tiny things that make up all that is
and will ever be
the things that make you form
that make you think
that go on to make other things
once you have finished with them
and when I stop humming
these tiny things
they scatter away to nothing
and this trail goes dark and cold
then I start again

I can keep humming for a long time
but not forever
at least as long as the last time
and less than the time before that
and your tiny things
loose those moments as you please


16 thoughts on “The Tiny Things

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  2. Yes, One can please oneself for sometime but not entirely forever. Excellent post.

    Cheers Hank, glad to enjoyed it – SG.


  3. We treasure your input and would be delighted to see you at our potluck again this coming Monday.
    Let me know if you need further assistance.
    Keep writing, Keep inspiring!


  4. all of us “specks” have a very short time to become a part of something bigger during our brief visit.

    I’d like to think so Rene, a very short time in which to understand ourselves, each other, and the whole – SG.


    • Great to hear that you enjoyed it Denise. I think this is something that we don’t spend enough time on, and if we did then it would help with all the other aspects of our lives. That was something that starting to come out, with the reference to the ‘tiny things’, ours are much different to the ‘tiny things’ that the creator character deals with. But each of us has the choice to become a part of that, there is no rule that stops it.


  5. “An awfully big adventure” Bravo, I like the imaginative twist on the prompt.

    Cheers Viv, was not sure where it was taking me but happy with the destination. Glad you enjoyed it – SG.


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