Ground to Ground

Ground to Ground in the news

It has been an interesting few weeks. Ground to ground is getting out there and generating interest, and some of the comments coming in have been fantastic.

Here is some of the news that has been out there:

In some of the local Leader newspapers.

Ground for Ground: Put your coffee back into the earth

Online version of article in the Port Phillip Leader and Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

The Daily Loaf: Stop throwing out your coffee grounds and give them back to the Earth

Essential Brands Group

Blisstree: Coffee Grounds: Do You Put Them In the Garbage or Garden?

This is a Spanish version

Another Spanish one – Guia Del Cafe

There are others out there….. however this is enough. For now.

4 thoughts on “Ground to Ground in the news

    • Nice one, and thanks for sending me to your site for how you guys turn coffee grounds into compost. I’m looking for those barrels so I can do the same. While I’ve got you, how are you going with the Ground to Ground logo?


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