Ground to Ground

Just call me Mr.Shane

I’ve been lead to believe that I was named after the title character of this solid 1953 Western. Alan Ladd is Shane, the mysterious drifter who finds himself with a frontier family battling against man and nature to survive.
Then there is some talking, he hits on the wife, they all fight, they cut down some tree, some house gets built, more fighting, an annoying kid, mountains, blah blah blah. Somewhere at the end, Jack Palance gets killed, and Shane rides off into the sunset, dead on his horse. Now queue the next 5 decades of trying to improve on that.

The review on IMDB is here, and what I’ve added on the subject will have to do unless I can see a way of writing it into a freestyle poem or mentioning coffee grounds again.

Not sure how I came across the poster below, and then of course started looking for more of them. Imaging my surprise when stumbling across a site that has all the posters a movie ever had. And the link to that is right here. It has heaps of posters for all kinds of movies, so enjoy pardner.

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