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What Is Bee Pollen?

A Andrena sp. bee with a full load of pollen o...

A Andrena sp. bee with a full load of pollen on a Calendula arvensis flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bee pollen, which is also known as a pollen ball, is a type of pollen which is collected from the bodies of bees. It includes bee saliva!

Some people get confused as they think bee pollen is same as honey, honeycomb, or royal jelly. The color of bee pollen is orange or yellow, and it is produced from the pollen and nectar of different flowers. Pollen is actually the male seeds of these flowers that are essential for the fertilization of such flowers.

For years bee pollen has been used as a health food to cure various health problems. However, research is still failing to prove the health benefits of bee pollen.

There are a number of carbohydrates, minerals, lipids, proteins, and other substances found in bee pollen.

How to Use Bee Pollen

You can get bee pollen from health food stores, and bee pollen is also used in some skin products, and health supplements.

The use of bee pollen is extremely effective against eczema, asthma allergies, alcoholism, and stomach issues. However, it is recommended that before using bee pollen or the products containing this healthy substance, you should contact your doctor.

Some of the experts believe that bee pollen can also be used by athletes to enhance their performance.

How Safe is Bee Pollen?

It has been revealed that bee pollen is extremely safe as long as you use it on a short term basis. Some people have pollen allergies, and for them this product is not suitable as it can cause serious reactions such as difficulty breathing, swelling, and hives. Another important issue is that pregnant women should avoid bee pollen as it can be harmful for them, and affect breastfeeding.

If you take bee pollen with some blood thinners, it can cause increased bleeding; therefore, if you are on a medication, check with your doctor before using bee pollen.

bee collecting pollen

The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Though bee pollen has been considered to be a healthy food by science for centuries, with the help of modern research we are able to actually analyze the ingredients of this substance.

It contains all essential as well as non-essential  amino acids. Besides that, bee pollen also contains a high amount of proteins. There are more than 12 vitamins, 30 minerals, 10 enzymes, and about 15 fatty acids that are available in the bee pollen.

All these essential ingredients make bee pollen part of a healthy diet to keep your body functioning properly. Besides all the above healthy ingredients, bee pollen also contains some plant nutrients that are known as phytochemicals. These plant nutrients  include carotene, flavonoids, xanthophyll epoxide  zeaxanthin, ethylic ether, and epiphasic carotenoids.

Some of these nutrients are helpful in giving rich orange color to the bee pollen while others have different qualities. All of these substances are extremely helpful in keeping our body active and healthy.

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